Honestly, let’s face it… If you have ever heard of acupuncture, you’ve probably asked yourself: how does putting tiny needles into your horse’s body make them feel better? Just like with any other nontraditional medical treatment, acupuncture attracts both skeptics who argue it and die-hard believers that are convinced it cures everything. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in the middle. While acupuncture won’t fight disease, it can be extremely effective at managing stress and relieving pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated in China dating back to at least 100 B.C. The process includes putting small needles at precise points in the body to relieve pain and stress. Acupuncture is linked to the belief that pain and stress is caused by disruptions of the flow of energy, also known as qi (chi), in your body. During acupuncture, the targeted points under the skin are stimulated which releases this qi. The qi travels through channels called meridians, according to the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.

Fun fact: There are 12 principal Meridians in the body that each corresponds to an organ and follows along an extremity, such as an arm or leg.

If it’s done correctly, the needles won’t hurt at all and there should be no bleeding. However, if needles are out of the question for you, acupressure can be a perfect, non-invasive alternative. Acupressure is done by applying physical force with the hands or elbows to the same precise points to relieve pain and stress.

In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, acupuncture relieved pain by about 50 percent. That’s incredible! Not to mention, it works for stress, too.

In the 1970s, a New York Physician named Michael Smith started experimenting with acupuncture for stress relief. He used a technique in which five acupuncture needles are placed on the outer acupuncture holistic medicine relieve painsurface of the ear while the patient sits in a quiet room and allows the stress to flow from their body.

Now, while this technique may sound hokey, but it’s been proven effective in treating combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. In these instances, treatment can occur in groups, as well as individually. The result is a mix between a traditional acupuncture session and a group talk therapy session. Psychology Today has reported acupuncture to make a measurable difference in these cases, as well as those of trauma survivors and/or drug addicts.

The same acupuncture practices that we use on ourselves have also shown to be just as beneficial in our cats, dogs, and horses. Given this information, I put this proven science towards the development of our SMART product line. The idea behind the SMART products is that they provide a wearable therapy that mirrors the concept of acupuncture. We have placed medical-grade, neodymium magnets strategically over targeted acupuncture points (in addition to the therapeutic, ceramic-infused fabrics) to replicate the acupuncture/acupressure affect by pulling the blood to those targeted areas which will stimulate those points during and after the product is worn. The blood is attracted to the North (Negative/Healing) side of the magnet due to the Iron in our blood. Therefore, when the horse wears any of our SMART products, they are getting an immediate, targeted therapy in addition to an overall increase in blood circulation and Oxygen flow as a direct result of the far-infrared (ceramic) materials.

With the massive response of our SMART products, we have quickly expanded the line to target most common problem areas of the horse. Our SMART line now consists of a SmartScrim, SmartHood, and Smart QuickWraps. Our SmartScrim is a patent-pending design with 90 medical grade magnets set over key acupuncture points – it’s designed to harmonize with your horse’s entire body (click >>> HERE to get yours).

The SmartHood features 27 medical grade magnets over key acupuncture points, including the Shen Ying point, which is known to promote relaxation when stimulated – click >>> HERE to learn more).

For the sensitive legs of our equine friends, the newest addition to the SMART line are our QuickWraps. They feature 11-14 medical grade magnets per boot that target your horse’s major tendons, joints, and ligaments – keeping them supple and relaxed before, during, and after they’re worn (click >>> HERE to take a look). 

If you yourself are fighting chronic pain or dealing with any sort of stress, the solution may be significantly healthier than opening a bottle of medicine. Check out our products for humans as well as horses to experience the benefits yourself – you will thank us later! The results may surprise you. Click >>> HERE to view our wearable therapies for people.