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    Bone Cancer in Dogs

    The most common bone tumor in dogs is a type of cancer called Osteosarcoma. These are tumors that originate from bone cells and are highly aggressive in nature. They are most commonly seen in older, large breed dogs. Osteosarcoma is […]

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    Does your dog get anxiety in the car?

    For dogs that aren’t used to riding in a car, the motion and vibrations can cause them to be fearful of traveling. Car anxiety is a fairly common condition in canines, and it can lead to a stressful day. Not […]

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    Canine Acupressure

    Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar to acupuncture.  Acupuncture is one aspect of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).  It focuses on restoring the energy balance in the body and promoting healing.  It is based on the concept of life […]

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    Arthritis in Senior Dogs

    Arthritis in older dogs is a very common problem. In fact, research indicates that 60% of dogs over the age of 7 are likely to develop arthritic symptoms as they continue to age. There are numerous types of arthritis that […]

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    Puppy Bowl 2019!

    We are so in LOVE with the Puppy Bowl!! The Puppy Bowl is an annual Television program on Animal Planet that mimics an American football game similar to the Super Bowl.  Shown each year on the same day as Super […]

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    Dog Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety in dogs is frantic, distressed and often destructive behaviors associated with separation from their pet parents. It can still qualify even if these actions only last for a few minutes. Pet parent often mistake separation anxiety for disobedience […]

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