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Sport Spotlight: Agility

Dog Agility is a competitive sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The teams that run the cleanest (without mistakes) and are the fastest win.  Almost all […]

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National Puppy Day

Observed each year on March 23rd, National Puppy Day celebrates the unconditional love and affection puppies bring to our lives. Colleen Paige Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author is recognized with starting the National Puppy Day movement in […]

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Spondylosis in Dogs

As your dog ages, they will become vulnerable to more health conditions than when they were young pups. Spondylosis is a chronic condition that usually occurs most along the spine in older dogs.  There, degenerative disks cause bone spurs to […]

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Breed Spotlight: Great Dane

The Great Dane is known as a giant breed and is one of the largest dog breeds.  Great Danes were originally bred to hunt wild boar and they were originally called Boar Hounds. Their ears were cropped to prevent boar […]

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Dog Sport Spotlight: Flyball

Flyball is a canine team sport which was started on the activities that dogs love to do – run, jump, fetch, retrieve, and compete. This canine relay race features teams of four dogs and four handlers competing head to head […]

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Social Anxiety in Dogs

To be good pets, dogs require early-age socialization.  Failure to socialize can result in a dog with crippling social anxiety, fear, and sometimes aggression.  Dogs can be trained at any age and continue to learn throughout their lives. But the […]

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