Springtime can be a huge relief for horse owners.  No more chipping water buckets, and finally warm days and lots of sunlight!  It’s important that your horse is kept in a clean environment, especially when stabled.  Not only does it make for a better atmosphere, but also benefits your horse’s health.  Before cleaning turn out horses so they are not exposed to dust stirred up by cleaning. Open all windows and doors for ventilation.

A quick checklist:


  1. Scrub all buckets, feed bins, and water tanks.
  2. Remove all dust and cobwebs from all surfaces, including rafters, and light fixtures.
  3. Strip and disinfect the stalls including the walls.
  4. Inspect barn, complete any repairs or maintenance.
  5. Check quality and dates on all supplements, feed, and medications.
  6. Inspect smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
  7. Restock first aid kit.
  8. Clean all your brushes and grooming tools.
  9. Wash all blankets and store in a dry place.
  10. Thoroughly sweep out hay storage area.
  11. Deep clean all tack, check for loose stitching or worn parts.
  12. Manage manure.
  13. Inspect fencing.
  14. Maintenance on all farm vehicles and equipment.

Tip: Buy household organizers, they can be extremely helpful around the barn.

As a result, horse barns and the horses that live in them require a tremendous amount of work.  Regular cleaning and organizing of your barns will ensure that animals live in a happy, healthy environment.  We hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration to get started sprucing up your barn.  With this simple checklist, spring cleaning your barn should be easy!