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Experience life without boundaries through our comfortable, smart apparel for enhanced performance and better recovery.


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We believe in helping people overcome adversity.

Benefab® does business with a practical purpose in mind: to help people like you, and animals you may own, find comfort, healing–and relief from pain and soreness–through natural therapies.

A recognized leader in the wearable wellness industry, Benefab® has grown leaps and bounds since its founding in 2011, serving thousands of customers with an ever-expanding line of equine, canine, and people products, available for purchase worldwide at over 150 locations in eight countries—including Canada, the UK, the United States, and Japan—or online here at

We believe people and animals who face injury or illness deserve a second chance, an opportunity to relaunch their lives if necessary, and our relentless pursuit of quality products that address that need is a primary driver of Benefab®.

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It’s all about making a difference—on a local as well as global level—and focusing on how that difference benefits the lives of those in need.

We believe in building a wellness community through partnership.

Benefab® works to empower communities, to encourage support for the fair and ethical treatment of animals—and to advocate for people or animals who don’t have a voice. We’ve partnered with a number of non-profit organizations, such as PATH (equine-assisted therapies), F.I.D.O., and the ASPCA.

In fact, we were selected to be an ASPCA business ambassador in 2018, and continue to provide continued support for their incredible cause and mission to save lives. Our efforts include donating to shelters in need—materials like food, cleaning supplies, towels, and more—in addition to assisting with grassroots rescue & rehab efforts for animals in need by supplying Benefab® therapies to them.

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Giving Back: A Simple Idea That Makes A Powerful Difference

Overcoming adversity. Building community. These are the core values integral to our mission – to give back more than we take. We back our products one-hundred-percent. You’ll see increased mobility and reduced pain within three weeks, guaranteed. It’s our promise to every customer. But we also go above and beyond, by creating an experience, not just a transaction. In this way, Benefab® advocates for a better world, and a better future.

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