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Rejuvenate SmartScrim

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  • Breathable mesh infused with far-infrared emitting minerals
  • Fabric emits far-infrared rays keeping back muscles warm and relaxed
  • Features 90 magnets (1100 gauss) over key acupuncture points for stimulation of those areas – In ancient (and current) Chinese medicine, acupuncture is performed by using one’s own blood to re-inject over targeted acupuncture points. The reasoning for this method is because the body takes quite some time to re-absorb its own blood after being placed in targeted areas – Therefore, prolonging the benefits. We have selected these magnets to serve to the affect by pulling the blood to those targeted areas which will continually stimulate those areas during and after the SmartScrim is worn.
  • Each magnet is enclosed in a soft cushion for enhanced comfort
  • Sheet harmonizes bodily functions safely and naturally, stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness


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‘Quick’ Product Facts

  • Patent-Pending
  • Available in 68″, 74″, 78″ and 82″
  • Quick dry technology allows for use alone, as a scrim or as a blanket liner.
  • Machine washable. Wash COLD with a mild detergent. Line dry.
  • Available in black only.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 3 in

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22 reviews for Rejuvenate SmartScrim

  1. Caroline Vesely

    After doing a lot of research, I decided on purchasing the Benefab Rejuvenate SmartScrim for my 22 Year Old Appendix Gelding to use in addition to his monthly massages. I have used twice (once prior to a show and once after the show). He recovered quite nicely and felt great. Thanks!

  2. Kylie Woomer

    My mare has had ongoing soreness issues along her topline for a long time now. Just recently started chiropractor and massage visits for her, along the Rejuvenate ScrimSheet she is progressing great! The sheet is a added bonus for her to help aid in her body adjusting to alignments. She is so relaxed when wearing the products. Next purchase will be the western saddle pad!

  3. Tammy Martyn

    I decided to buy this sheet and I love it . I love that it fits more than just one of my horses . My gelding loves it . He gets monthly chiro adjustments so he tends to be a bit sore with always being out of adjustment . He loves the sheet falls asleep with it on .

  4. Kelsey

    I couldn’t be happier with this sheet. My horse hasn’t felt better and it really keeps her relaxed before each run.

  5. Allie

    Received our new Benefab scrim today! Loving the fit. I’m sure we’ll have more for the other horses soon 🙂

  6. Lillianna Neumann

    Just ordered yesterday, Benefab has been wonderful to do business with! They gave me free 3 day shipping, and guaranteed my product! My horse gets sore in his topline and was guaranteed this product would benefit that!

  7. Stacy

    Love this sheet! I use it before and after a race. It helps keep my horse relaxed and is helping with his back issues. His times have improved also! He must love it as much as I do!

  8. Lori

    Great product! Seems to run a little small. Wish I got next size up. Love the breathability of the scrim sheet in warmer weather. Doesn’t over heat my horse.

  9. Kim

    I have had this scrim for a year. My gelding loves it. It’s nice and cool so in the summer heat he doesn’t sweat and its light enough to trailer him in it also without him getting to hot. I use before and after each run and I really believe it keeps him from getting body soar. Highly recommend it!

  10. Caroline Ashley

    My mare loves her smartscrim! Almost on a daily she gets it over night and is ready to go the next day for practice or a competition. Makes overnight hauls a breeze, I love it, instant happiness is what I see when I put it on her. Thank you for making this affordable product with its great benefits.

  11. Stacy Schultz

    I love these so much I have 4 now! I have two original one size fits all and 2 new. I love that you can adjust to use a bigger blanket and get better coverage on horses with tight hamstrings. I’ve tried the other blankets and was limited by weather (heat) for the blanket that worked best. This is the perfect solution. My horses love them and I love the results.

  12. Mandy Smith

    We love the smart scrim. Just wish the front had a velcro closure so it would stay together in the front. Capps can go all day with his sore no more products

  13. Samantha

    I received my smartscrim yesterday and I was going to wait until I had used it for a while before I wrote a review but I am already blown away. First, I ordered it on Friday night. I was expecting it to process on Monday and to recieve it later in the week. Instead, the order was processed by Saturday evening and was delivered Monday morning. That was a very pleasant surprise. I left it on my gelding in the stall for about 4 hours yesterday and then 4 hours today. I decided to purchase the smartscrim after a frustrating series of events left him with extremely tense muscles through his back as well as soreness in his hindquarter which caused him to put his weight on his forehand. He is not normally a high maintenance horse, and I was starting to get frustrated. Two 4 hour sessions in the smartscrim and he’s putting enough weight on his hindquarter to take the strain off his shoulder and the huge knots of muscles that were hard as rocks on his back are less than half the size and much softer. I have been a fan of products similar to Benefab in the past and purchased a back blanket for him a while back, the results were not even comparable to what the smartscrim has done in 2 days. I am blown away and look forward to purchasing products for myself too.

  14. Jan

    Great blanket! Great quality and my horse loves it already.

  15. Marcia

    I bought this for a horse that has a very sore back and is very nervous and unhappy in his stall. After training I use the sore no more and then put the blanket on him. He spends most of his mornings sleeping in his stall now! It is amazing. I have already ordered a second blanket!

  16. Natalie

    This scrim is amazing. My horse had an SI injury a few years ago so at times during training he will have some back discomfort and stiffness. His comfort level and flexibility increase has been obvious since using this. I also use the Sore No More products underneath the scrim as well as on his arthritic knee and he will lick his lips in agreement for the Benefab products. I am very happy with it all! And I even received a replacement scrim for a minor issue so customer service and Kat are wonderful to deal with and stand by their product. My horse and I are beyond pleased.

  17. Vicki guennewig

    My horse loves the blanket. She is a 17-year old mare, and we are interested in keeping her comfortable and pain free as she ages.
    Excellent product. Excellent company.

  18. Louise F Ruhr

    I give Benefab and Kat five stars for customer service and support. You’ve been really generous and helpful in taking the time to talk with me and with my trainer about our use of the SmartScrim. It’s a little early to tell how well it’s working to solve the underlying issue that we are dealing with but certainly my horse has adjusted quickly to it and seems to be in a calmer frame of mind generally. Will keep you posted!

  19. Bob Schutte

    My wife has 3 barrel horses one of which is very nervous when leaving the farm. She rocks back and forth in the stall becoming a complete sweat ball. The first time she put the blanket on her she was calm all night and when taking the blanket off in the morning she was dry. Two hours later my wife had her personal best time on this horse. We tested not putting the blanket on the next night and in the morning she was a sweaty mess. The third night we put it back on and in the morning she was dry and calm. This is a fantastic product

  20. Rise Above Eq

    Obvious results within 5 mins of putting the scrim on!!! I have a young horse that can be nervous in certain situations… so after his workout, I put on the scrim sheet. Seriously, within 5 minutes, he had his head hanging, licking and chewing, with eyes partially closed! I will definitely be saving up for another sheet for my mare (she’s an 84 and he’s a 78). Thank you for an amazing product!

  21. Sarah

    I have multiple products from Benefab! But I love love my smart scrim. I have a mare that gives her all and with that comes soreness. She is much more relaxed for saddling after using the smart scum. Love that it is a combo product and recommend it to all my friends asking about therapy blankets

  22. Tammy

    Absolutely love this sheet!! Seen huge result in only 3 days. My mare relaxes and no longer as stiff when on the road. We have one for every one of our horses.

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