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  • Meet Our Ambassadors

    alexis martin vegue

    “I love this poll pad! I can’t believe what a difference its made on the throughness and suppleness of the 3 year old filly I’ve been using it on. I took it off for a few days after using it for a whole week and she immediately went back to bracing and tilting her head. I’ll have to make sure its show legal, I won’t be riding her without it again! The polo wraps seem to be helping reduce the sticking up on the stabled horses much quicker than work alone. I also think my Grand Prix horse’s joints crack less when he wears them even though they aren’t touching some of the joints that make noise. “

    Alexis Martin-Vegue - USDF Gold Medalist and Biomechanics Coach of MV Training

     tuny page

    “I am a fanatic about ensuring my horse’s comfort while training. The Benefab Poll Pad fits perfectly and offers cushioning, especially for heavy double bridles. My horses feel more relaxed in the pole and as a result in the jaw as well, while working in the pad… If my horse appreciate it then I love it. “

    Tuny Page - USDF Amateur Rider of Still Point Farm



    judy garafalo

    “I have been using all of your products and have been very pleased. I have put the halter attachment on the bridle that I ride one of my grand prix horses in.. He is quite stiff in the poll, and I believe I feel a difference, mostly he just feels more supple! Also, Maggie, who has worked for me for 10 plus years, loves the polos, and she sure knows her stuff! “

    Judy Garofola - Owner and Trainer of High Ground Farm

    kama godek



    “Absolutely LOVE the new SmartScrim with ceramic mesh and magnetics over the acupuncture points!! Perfect fit and light enough to even use in the Summer. “

    Kama Godek - Show-Jumper.com


    “After using the Benefab Poll Pad for the first time it was evident how incredible these products are. The results have been significant and remarkable since using the products on both my horses and myself. Benefab products are essential to the success and wellbeing of my horses, which is why I use them every single day. “

    Shelby Brost - Shelby Brost Eventing


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