Ceramic Products for Back Pain

March 27, 2014 2 min read

multi-balans-1-largeAccording to the Global Burden of Disease 2010 report, “Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.” Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed worked and the second most common reason for doctor visits. Americans spend a whopping $50 billion each year trying to alleviate their back pain. So if you couldn't tell, back pain is a problem for a large portion of the population. And those of us who suffer from chronic back pain have gone to great lengths to get rid of it. We’ve done painkillers, chiropractic visits, heating pads, yoga stretches, surgery, acupuncture, and even crazy chairs like this: Some of us have gotten into some pretty, shall we say, “unique” devices that are supposed to help with back pain. Take this one for instance. I’d hate to be the person assigned to write that product description. But what if dealing with back pain were much simpler and much safer than drugs and funny-looking chairs and contraptions? What if you could just snuggle up in a comfortable blanket and feel your back relax and transition into a pain-free state? At BENEFab™, we’ve learned how to harness the intriguing properties of ceramic fibers and we’ve woven them into blankets and body wraps specifically designed to address back pain. How do ceramic fibers help to relieve back pain you ask? Ceramic fibers emit far-infrared waves. These waves are invisible and as they safely penetrate the body, they cause the water molecules at the cellular level to vibrate. This vibration increases oxygen flow, blood circulation and helps to dilate capillaries. This helps to soothe and relax tight muscles, decrease healing time and helps promote a good metabolism. Your body needs good blood circulation and oxygen flow to deal with pain the body experiences whether from a disease like rheumatoid arthritis or from an injury. Our blankets and body wraps simply envelope you in a material that stimulates the healing process. How simple would it be to wrap one of our BeneFab blankets around your body, sit down and read a book while the ceramic fibers help supple muscles and relieve tension that causes back pain? Better yet, how simple (and fashionable) would it be to use one of our body wraps for the same purpose? Visit our main website today at benefabproducts.com and see if our blankets and body wraps can replace your crazy chairs, bottles of pain killers, and expensive visits to the chiropractor.

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