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    Seriously Sensible Therapies.

    Natural alternative therapies that deliver solutions to the common problems such as arthritis, back soreness, and stiffness.

    Research Driven • Radiantly Effective • Reasonably Priced

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    We are an ASPCA Business Ambassador

    There have been been many heroes in our history—people who have changed and impacted our world in many ways. But what about the unlikely heroes? The dogs, cats, horses, and even wild animals, among us?

    I often think of them and it reminds me of why I initially fell in love with animals as a child. And why, despite the many setbacks I’ve encountered, we’ve pushed forward to bring animals (and people) products that help them heal and bring them comfort.

    We are so proud to be a business ambassador of the ASPCA and will provide consistent support to their incredible cause and mission to save lives. It’s another way for us to give back.

    -Kat & The Benefab® Team


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