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BeneFab®, a progressive company specializing in therapeutic products for people and animals, is revolutionizing the wearable wellness industry by creating a line of products solely focused well-being to enable people and animals to perform their best when it matters most.

The Benefab® team has years of experience as animal lovers, athletes and researchers—giving the company a keen sense of marketplace voids and an understanding of needed technologies and products in the industry—particularly for those who are searching at home remedies.

Through rigorous efforts, Benefab® has developed a proprietary fabrication using its SMART technologies to provide a feel-good remedy to help them mobilize pre-exercise and comfortably recover post-exercise to increase mobility and lessen pain.

Our textile-based technology uses the power of electromagnetism in fabrics which helps to promote oxygen flow in muscles, decrease pain and swelling, relieve inflammation and ultimately maximize performance and decrease recovery time for animals and people.

Our unique, patented SMART products combine far-infrared emitting fabric and magnetic therapies. The far-infrared emitting fabrics act as an overall healing aid which promotes the above mentioned benefits whereas the strategically placed medical grade magnets allow for a targeted stimulation of key acupuncture points.

Benefab® is the expert in this arena through their steadfast commitment to help people and animals feel their best, so that they can perform their best. After all, healthy equals happy!