Why Choose Benefab?

It’s simple – we’re here for you. From day one, Benefab® was founded with a purpose to help people like you heal and find relief from pain and soreness. The Benefab® Story is one to remember, and it’s the inspiration behind why we do what we do. We offer wearable therapeutic products that are effective, affordable and built to last.

Designed to be an important asset to a rehabilitative and preventative health regimen, we’ve considered all factors when it comes to comfort, durability, and most of all, effectiveness. The line is modern, sleek and intricately-designed, while also remaining science-based and research-backed. A few of the many features and benefits of our products are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory >>> Pain Relief
  • Increased Circulation >>> Relaxation
  • SMART Products feature magnets over key acupuncture points >>> Targeted Healing
  • Breathability >>> Year-Around Use in All Climates
  • Quality Construction >>> Durable
  • Moisture Wicking >>> Long-Lasting and Demands Less Washing
  • Anti-Microbial >>> Odor Control and Less Fungus
  • Non-Invasive Therapy (Safe-to-Use) >>> Better Performance

Our fabrics are infused with natural, Lead-free minerals. Among those minerals are Silica, Magnesium, Copper, and Bamboo Charcoal. The blend of minerals emits far-infrared wavelengths that are proven to increase blood circulation, dilate capillaries, and reduce inflammation.

In addition to our far-infrared emitting products, we also have an equine line that incorporates magnetic therapy – our SMART line. The idea behind our SMART products originated from Ancient Chinese Acupuncture practices, which you can quickly become an expert on at our blog >>> here.

We back our products 100%. You’ll see increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks, guaranteed – it’s our customer promise. We also guarantee customer service (We have a live representative available to talk to you anytime!).

Your satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, you need help with a product, our return policy covers everything you need to know. If you’re interested in reading up on what our current customers think, check out our review page and discover what they’ve said by clicking here.

It’s far easier to keep your horse sound if he never goes lame. Reap the wellness rewards now, and rest easy knowing that you are helping yourself and your horse stay healthy. If you are a consumer that expects a therapeutic product to be effective, stylish, and durable, Benefab® is your brand.