The Benefab Story

I’m Kat Chrysostom, the founder and owner of Benefab®. I’m the chief designer of every product in our product lines. My mission is to take great ideas and create products that make a difference in the lives and health of horses, humans and dogs.

From a young age, my passion has always been giving a voice to voiceless—whether that be young children or animals.

As a horse person and rider since childhood, in 2011, I suffered a riding injury that left me temporarily paralyzed with a triple fracture of the C-2 vertebrae. I was told that I would never ride again. After three long months in a halo traction device, I found myself left with four excruciatingly painful and slow healing holes in my skull.

Doctors recommended far-infrared light therapy. Over time, the pain and swelling decreased, my mobility improved and my migraines diminished. I became fascinated by the therapeutic impact of far-infrared light therapy and discovered how infused fabrics can have a similar affect. Through rigorous research, I discovered that electromagnetism can be a natural healing remedy and how it helps joint and muscle stiffness, edema, and circulatory disorders—both in the human and animal bodies.

Throughout my journey to recovery, I studied in the Far East and attended the Shanghai HORFA equine trade show. While at the show, I met with a Taiwanese manufacturer who fabricated technical materials that incorporated therapeutic properties which emit a low-range, invisible ray of light (far-infrared rays) on the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Soon after, I began designing and testing the first products in the Benefab® line. Now, I work with veterinarians, therapists, and professional athletes around the world to educate people about the performance benefits and healing properties of far-infrared fabrics, medical grade magnets and electromagnetism.

We are based in the horse capital of the world—Ocala, Florida—where I ride nearly every day.

I frequently speak at both equine and business events around the country, sharing my experience with others.

Here’s my most recent TEDx talk that shares a bit more about how I got started. 



I encourage you to join me in educating people about therapeutic wearables and preventative wellness. I look forward to continuing this journey as we help people and animals live healthier, happier lives.


Owner and Founder of Benefab® | CEO® of Handy Holsters™ | Speaker | Author of Broken to Branded

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