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How to Prepare For a Tornado

May 20, 2016 2 min read

How to Prepare For a Tornado No matter where you live in the country, tornadoes can affect you and your farm. So far, we have been pretty fortunate this year in the tornado department. However, tornadoes can strike whenever the temperatures are right. You need to have a plan for you and your horses. The biggest topic of conversation when it comes to horses and tornadoes is where to put your horses. There are two different feasible options for horse owners:
  • Keep your horse stalled in the barn. Keeping your horse in the barn will protect them from flying objects and debris outside. Keep in mind, if your horses are accustomed to staying outside, bringing them in could cause them anxiety. It is best to keep them in their familiar settings.

  • Leave your horse outside in a large pasture. Keeping your horse outside will allow them to move out of the way of the tornado’s path. This is an option that stabled horses do not have. Animals have a natural instinct for storms so being outside will allow them to use this.

You should have a tornado plan in place at your barn. Since tornado season has already started, talk to some friends with a horse property or commercial facility that will take on short term boarders in case something happens at your place. Whenever a tornado is declared, make sure every horse at your place has a leather halter on. Also, be sure to have a tag with your name and phone number on the halter, just in case. This will help to increase the chances of getting your horses back quickly if something were to happen and they got loose. Tornadoes are a serious issue. Do not wait until last minute. Start getting prepared and have a plan for worst case scenarios. If it does come down to that, you will be grateful that you planned ahead! For more information on tornado preparedness, CLICK HERE.

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