Magnawave + Benefab Announce Official Partnership

May 13, 2023 3 min read

When two entities combine forces for change, their efforts don’t simply double—they grow exponentially. That is why Benefab is thrilled to announce its partnership with our friends at MagnaWave PEMF. 

MagnaWave PEMF: a Family Legacy of Animal Wellness

MagnaWave was founded by CEO Pat Ziemer and his wife, Debi, nearly twenty years ago. Having worked with a variety of medical professionals, ranging from doctors to chiropractors and veterinarians, Pat Ziemer was passionate about wellness and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields and the many benefits it provided. After being introduced to PEMF, MagnaWave was born. Pat is internationally known for his work with MagnaWave and his best-selling book, PEMF, as well as a speaker and mentor. 

In 2012, the business welcomed Pat’s daughter, Alane Paulley, who is passionate about educating the animal community about the vast holistic benefits of PEMF for the generations to come. 

MagnaWave is based in Louisville, KY, and all the products are made right here in the United States. In true form to the company’s roots, the 2,000-plus MagnaWave practitioners around the world are all considered part of the family, with the common cause of helping each client reach optimal results in their health. 

What is PEMF? 

PEMF—or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields—work by sending magnetic energy into the body to provide stimulation at the cellular level. MagnaWave machines provide PEMF to pets, horses, and livestock and are known to have the longest warranty of any PEMF machine on the market. 

Benefab Products + The Impact of Far-Infrared Therapy

Magnawave and Benefab PartnershipMuch like the history of MagnaWave, Benefab’s founder—Kat Chrysostom—set out to provide effective, completely natural, and non-invasive healing modalities to animals. After far-infrared therapy had made all the difference in her healing from a traumatic spinal cord injury, Kat designed therapeutic products for horses, people, and dogs using fabric with 30 lead-free minerals that produced non-invasive, far-infrared therapy. 

Kat furthered the impact of her far-infrared therapy line through the SMART products in the Benefab line, which combine medical-grade magnets to stimulate key acupuncture points on horses for targeted stimulation to those specific areas of need. Now, years after its inception, the results continue to pour in as customer after customer experiences noteworthy differences in their animals’ well-being (as well as their own!) directly from Benefab. 

Two Powerful All-Natural Therapies Join Forces

MagnaWave PEMF had been part of Kat Chrysostom’s wellness routine for her equines for years. Serendipitously in 2022, the Benefab name started to arise in the conversations of the MagnaWave practitioners. That same year, the MagnaWave and Benefab teams connected to start envisioning how they could come together—both as companies and in the greater web of practitioners and equestrian athletes—to provide even more comprehensive, holistic wellness care to equines through education and complementary therapeutic products. 

As Kat recently shared,“I am thrilled to see holistic wellness on the rise for our beloved animals. More than that, I am elated to combine forces with a company that stands for complimentary core principles with education and science at the forefront of their endeavors. I believe this partnership will not only help more animals, but it will empower individuals to harness the knowledge necessary to make a difference in their lives and those around them.”   

In addition to serving animals with safe and natural therapeutic solutions, Benefab and MagnaWave hold common values of integrity and community. Both MagnaWave and Benefab’s technology are third-party tested for safety and efficacy. 

MagnaWave has made online education accessible for its practitioners with built-in support through MagnaCon, marketing support, and a custom client management dashboard. Benefab likewise has a network of partners and athletes to help your horse choose the right products at many local competitions, stores, and national shows. 

Together, MagnaWave and Benefab have brought this online training video that will help you become educated and empowered to help your animals achieve maximum wellness. 

MagnaWave practitioners will now be able to incorporate Benefab Therapeutic products into their treatment protocol, ultimately providing their clients with prolonged relief and healing. Already a MagnaWave Practitioner? Start Referring Clients to Benefab by Submitting This Form.

Our animals deserve solutions to health that don’t carry negative side effects. By providing safe and natural healing protocols with proven holistic technology, we can make the long-term health of our animals much more successful and effective. 

Interested in becoming a MagnaWave Practitioner? Learn more through the links below.

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