5 Natural Mosquito Repellents

June 12, 2017 2 min read

If you have been a horse lover for any amount of time, you know that mosquitos are bound to hunt you down as you spend time with your horse, but you also know how much of a pain harsh chemical mosquito repellents are. Mosquitos are not only a real pain, but they can carry disease, so anything we do, big or small, is helpful. So we put together a few natural alternatives to checmical mosquito repellents to help ward off those pesky skeeters. Planting certain things around your house and barn can significantly reduce the attraction of a mosquito. The bonus to many of these plants is they smell delicious and can have duel purposes. Let's start with Catnip. It is a natural mosquito repellent and the bonus is that you will have some very happy barn kitties! It is a low maintenance plant and even if you have a black thumb, it'll grow for you! Are you a fan of Mint? What a wonderful herb mint is and you can plant it around your living areas and your yard. Mint does have the tendency to spread quickly so if you do plant it in your yard just keep an eye on it. The bonus is you can use it to make teas and other delicious items for your weekly menu. Mint Julip anyone? There is something so unique about the way cloves smell. This is another herb you can plant. Not only can you deter mosquitos with them, you an also cook with them or even use them on a toothache. So grab some cloves and put them in your pocket to stay bug free this summer! What can we say about lavender? It is one of the most common smells in essential oils and beautiful spring bouquets. Lavender not only smells lovely, it is a beautiful plant and deters mosquitos. How about a plant that not only deters mosquitos, but also kills larvae? Mosquitos breed in water and the lotus plant is grown in water, so the more lotus you have the less larvae you will have. It is a win win! You don't need harsh chemicals to ward off these pests - as a matter of fact, there's an all natural herbal blend spray for horses that is made of herbs such as witch hazel, sunflower seed oil, citronella, and many others; Ricochet by Sore No-More! Check it out here, you'll thank me later. Try combining Ricochet's all-natural repellent power with our Mesh Sheet; it can serve as an extra barrier between your horse and those tiny intruders, while also bringing them the benefits of holistic Ceramic therapy! All of the above options are wonderful ways to deter mosquitos around your home and barn. Read more about essential oils as a flea and tick repellent here. Take a moment and share these ideas on social media. Also, feel free to share what works best for you!

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