QuickWraps for a Pain-Free Friend

March 05, 2017 2 min read

Aches and pains are the enemy of a happy, healthy horse. We highly recommend dealing with those pain points by using QuickWraps. QuikWrap for a Pain-Free FriendOur therapeutic Smart QuikWraps are made of ceramic nanoparticles, and they feature a perforated foam inner core so that maximum breathability can be achieved. The infrared rays in the fabric allow leg muscles, tendons and ligaments to stay warm when the body is at rest. The 11-14 magnets contained in the QuikWrap target major tendons, ligaments and joints in the hind and front legs. We've selected magnets which pull blood to the target areas, stimulating them during and after use. We've designed our Therapeutic Smart QuikWrap to contour and create evenly distributed pressure on your horse's leg. To add to that comfort, we've made sure each magnet is enclosed in a soft cushion. Bodily functions are safe and natural, and they stimulate recovery time for injury and soreness.

They promote better blood circulation, they increase oxygen flow, and they reduce whatever pain and stiffness your horse is dealing with at the time.

We have these products available in full size, so your warmbloods, quarter horses and more may benefit. These products also come in pairs for hind and front wraps. These wraps can be worn for up to 12 hours and are contoured for comfort with strong securing straps and perforated foam at the core. These wraps will not shift, slide down or rotate. They may be washed on cold in a regular washing machine. These items should be line-dried and should avoid prolonged sun or heat exposure.

See what a difference a therapeutic wrap can make on the well-being of your beloved horse. These products are available HERE.

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