Thank You

January 10, 2018 2 min read

by Morgan Wagner

New addition to Endos website! Over the years we have received an amazing assortment of tack, artwork, and memorable trinkets from fans around the world.

You all, my friends and Endo's fans, are amazing in the support you so generously give.

I'd like to say thank you with a page to acknowledge and share the many amazing things that you have shared with us...

For those of you who don't know my story, I'm fully disabled due to the severity of my lupus (an autoimmune disease which causes my immune system to mistake my body's own tissues as foreign invaders and attack them) so I am unable to work enough to financially support myself. Everything that I have and all the wonderful adventures I’ve been able to have with Endo have been gifted or bartered for in some way that doesn't involve cash.

We received this goodie box a month ago from someone who wishes to stay anonymous. I've been wanting to write a post ever since I received the box, but have been the sickest I've ever been these last few months. Maybe one of you might gift me a kidney someday... ?

This post is about happy things though, so let get back to it. The box was full of awesome Benefab products.

Our favorites were the Smart QuikWrap and the Anti-slip dressage pad.

Endo is older and has well-worn joints that benefit from overnight leg wrapping. I like the wrap style boots because my barn friends can help put them on, unlike regular stable wrap bandages. These boots from Benefab have no overlay of material (a similar brand that we were using has an overlay, and because of that, bedding is able to work into the boots through the night). Endo has always given his legs a good scratching when his boots come off in the morning. No itches with these new ones! We also loved the non-slip dressage pad. I honestly didn't believe it would work well because the underside has very minimal grip like dots, but it performed awesomely on the trail course. Last year my plain normal square dressage pad slipped all over the place. No movement from this one.

Check out the video of us riding at the Mountain Trail Course this year compared to last year.

Click here or the photo below to view the video. Want to learn more about the incredible Endo the Blind? Visit the full post here and keep up with them on Facebook here!

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