The Power of Proper Hydration

July 02, 2022 2 min read

All hail the power of water! Aside from oxygen, water is the single most powerful compound on earth because every living organism needs it. The simple two-hydrogens-one-oxygen chemical fuels growth and is infinitely recyclable.

All About Water

Water has more benefits than you might think. According to CNN, 60% of your body is made up of water and you’re constantly cycling it in and out. While you can survive for weeks without food, surviving for days without water is nearly impossible. Water is so important that even mild dehydration can impact your cognitive function and stamina.

The Harvard School of Public Health reported that water helps you maintain body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent infections, maintain normal organ functions, help cellular transport systems, support athletic performance, and has been shown to impact mood and sleep quality.

How Much do You Need?

Drinking water is necessary, but how much do you need? According to Harvard, women need about 11 cups of water per day and men need about 16 cups. To get more specific, you can calculate your water needs using this formula:

Your weight in pounds X 0.5 =oz of water per day

And your water intake doesn’t have to just come from sipping on plain H20. Drinking coffee and tea and consuming fruits with high-water content such as watermelons, strawberries and pineapples can help boost hydration.

Consequences of Dehydration

The top way to measure dehydration is to look at your urine. Ideally, urine should be a pale yellow color. Any color deeper than that often means your body is compensating for the dehydration in another area.

One of these areas is the colon, where the body uses water to keep the digestive tract moving. Dehydration decreases the amount of water in the tract and makes stool harder, causing discomfort and constipation.

Another side effect of dehydration is migraines. Studies have shown that people prone to migraines develop them more often when dehydrated – and the unbearable headaches last longer too.

As if those issues weren’t enough, dehydration has also been linked to lack of focus, anxiety, and memory problems.

How to Increase Your Water Intake

If you struggle to drink enough water, taking a few small steps each day and setting goals for yourself can help you work towards staying hydrated. Here are some tips:

  •   Take a reusable bottle of water with you throughout the day
  •   Set goals and reminders for yourself
  •   Drink one glass of water in the morning and before each meal
  •   Flavor water with fruit
  •   Invest in a water filter
  •   Replace a soda with a sparkling water
  •   Get your friends involved and track water together

Your body will thank you for staying hydrated and you’ll reap in several areas of your life!

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