When it comes to our horses,
nothing is more important than time.


Benefab helps your horse recover quickly so they can run faster, turn harder, and WIN.

Through far-infrared-emitting materials and magnetics, your horse will be feeling their best and showing up to win, race after race.


Benefab is clinically-proven to reduce soreness by helping increase mobility and stride length for better performance.

Using two different research-backed technologies, Benefab’s therapeutic products will help your horse’s joints and muscles feel incredible by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation throughout the body.


Benefab’s therapeutic products help increase circulation and decrease inflammation for optimal recovery.

What if you could speed up your horse’s recovery after every ride or every race? Benefab’s therapeutic products aren’t only great for injury rehab, but also as a preventative tool to help your horse feel their best after any training session.

As the Dutch philosopher, Desiderius Erasmus, said over a thousand years ago, prevention is the best cure.


Our SMART Products target specific acupuncture points with non-invasive, yet highly-effective, medical grade magnetic therapies.

Treat your horse to optimal health with therapies that work long after you use the product.


Our products work hard to help your horse to recover faster and feel their best on the road.

99% of a winning run happens outside the arena. The hard work, dedication, and time you and your horse put into training is put to the test in that handful of seconds. Help your horse feel and move their best with therapies that reduce tension and increase mobility. Tension is your enemy because relaxation and energy create power.

For your horse’s body to efficiently build and repair muscle, rehabilitate from injury, and feel their best between training and hauling,
you need a recovery plan that works as hard as you do.

Benefab does just that. Our products...

  • Help muscles recover faster
  • Increase circulation
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Aid in muscle recovery
  • Are built for the rigors of daily life, from training to trailering, competing and beyond
  • Are breathable and moisture-wicking, suitable for any climate or season
  • Are clinically proven
  • Are machine washable
  • Feature the maximum benefits of far-infrared and magnetic therapies
  • Backed by award-winning customer service with a guarantee second to none

Choose Benefab: Proven Products. No BS. Maximum Results.

“Mental and physical soundness is a necessity. Benefab does both for all of my horses. Their products help keep their minds relaxed and their legs in the condition that I need to win. Easy to use, Benefab has become a focal point in my routine.”

- Micaela W.

“My horse, Bully, had some back-soreness as a secondary issue. We resolved the primary issue, but the back soreness persisted. We got the Benefab® SmartScrim and it has helped both relax him and loosen up his muscles. If you have a place that is sore on your horse, it can serve as a diagnostic tool because you will visibly see some slight sweat or raised points underneath the magnets in areas of tightness. We live in Texas where it gets really hot. He’s able to wear this year-around and during hauling. I highly recommend this product.”

- Alissa K.

“Works well! I have been using this on my horse for several weeks now on the browband and have noticed a big difference in his ability to relax and remain calm on the ground and under saddle. I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it highly!”

- Kathy