Designed specifically for Benefab Affiliates, this 4-step series will be helpful, easy-to-digest, and interactive! 

Discover the secret to attracting all the clients you want without being “salesy,” manipulative, or spending a fortune in marketing. Learn how to apply those skills to become a better coach so that you can influence and motivate your students to get more out of themselves.


Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Position, market, and sell your services elegantly without being pushy.
  • Learn the most important skill for turning prospects into clients.
  • Discover the secret to breaking through communication walls.
  • Become a more powerful motivator and coach. 
  • Turn everyday activities into business building opportunities.
  • Create a templated answer to the question “what do you do?” in a way—that unlike an elevator speech—is easy to say, easy to repeat, and will attract qualified prospects and referrals.
  • Reach your income goals, quicker, easier and with a lot less stress.
  • Create a daily action plan to use time wisely, grow your business, and get more joy out of life.

You will walk away from this program feeling energized, enthusiastic, inspired, and equipped with a customized business blueprint to build on your success.

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