Corporate and Student Keynotes

Kat Chrysostom is a native of South Carolina, but resides in Ocala, FL – the horse capital of the world – where she is able to combine her passions of horses and entrepreneurship. As the founder and owner of Benefab®, a keynote speaker, and an up-and-coming author, Kat has developed a talent to share her achievements with others while giving her audience tools to use their own setbacks as a springboard to their largest successes. Below are a few of the keynote speeches she delivers to audiences nationwide (note: each speech can be tailored to meet your audience’s exact needs).

From Broken to Business Owner (*Most popular booking)

Hear Kat Chrysostom’s journey from debilitating injury to concept to successful entrepreneur. An idea was born in November of 2011 – Since that day, Kat has brought that idea from a concept to a rapidly growing company that ships product both domestically and internationally. This 45-minute presentation will leave the audience feeling inspired and excited for tomorrow.


 Feel Inspired to overcome life’s challenges
 Feel ready to turn your idea into a real concept
 Learn to think like a successful business owner

Branding Beyond Measure

It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you are making – It’s about how people feel when they’ve dealt with your company. This 45-minute presentation will leave the audience feeling ready to revamp their current marketing strategies and start bringing real success into their marketing plan.


 Knowing and appreciating the meaning of full circle marketing
 The know-how to build a customer experience
 The true measure of success
 How to turn something good into something great

Marketing with Passion

Starting a business from an idea, Kat Chrysostom has learned the true meaning of fast-failing and has successfully navigated through overseas manufacturing as well as many other daunting tasks. In this 45-minute presentation, the audience will learn how to organically market their product or service and grow their idea or startup into a productive business.


 How to create an experience, not just a product
 The true meaning of failing forward
 The 7 ways to make it POP

Women in Business

Being a woman in business is difficult – we are hardwired differently than men. In this 30-minute presentation the audience will learn how to cope with those differences, overcome the challenges, and master your talents as a woman to stand out in the workplace.


 Understanding the emotional differences between men and women
 Own your power and love your image
 Learn how to compensate your weaknesses with your innate strengths

Failing Forward to Reach Your Goals

Learn to embrace failure, shift course quickly and use setbacks as a springboard to your greatest successes. This is best presented in an interactive style workshop (45 minute – 1 hour). Suitable for all ages, but designed specifically for college and/or high school students.


 Learn how to set an attainable goal
 Feel empowered by your failures and embrace your mistakes
 Have a plan to begin implementing YOUR goal(s) right away

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