How To Get The Best Workout Time After Time and Avoid Injury

You eat a healthy, balanced diet. You stretch before every workout. You take supplements to achieve your ideal balance of vitamins. You follow every protocol for taking care of your body to prevent injury, yet you keep finding yourself sore and weak after pushing it a little too hard. What if you could be doing more to better prepare for and recover from your workouts?

Fitness gurus put such a huge emphasis on preparing for the workout that rehab after the workout is often overlooked. When in fact, it is just as important as the latter. Essentially, to better prepare you must also rehabilitate. Without doing so, the body becomes subject to strain and/or injury.

One of the best ways to prepare properly and rehabilitate after exercise is to incorporate Far-Infrared Therapy or Laser Therapies into your regimen. Far-infrared Therapy, or Red-Light Therapy, is delivered through a low-range ray of light on the electromagnetic spectrum that penetrates down to the deep tissue level. It works to stimulate blood circulation by exciting the Oxygen atoms within the water molecules within the deep tissues. This in turn dilates capillaries (increasing blood circulation) and ultimately reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It’s also well known for bringing relief from pain and helping aid in the healing of old and new injuries.

The drawback to this therapy is the time and cost required. Most specialty providers that offer Red-Light therapy charge per session—and buying a light of your own will put a large hole in your coin purse. To reap the most benefits, you would be in and out of a specialist’s office every day before and after the gym. With your busy schedule, how could you have time for that? You probably wouldn’t.

The solution? Benefab® wearable therapies.

Through innovation, far-infrared therapy has been brought to life in the form of fabrics. By mixing a proprietary blend of lead-free minerals into a strand and weaving it throughout polyester, a new form of Wearable Wellness was created. By working with the energy (in the form of heat) of the wearers body, the fabric emits far-infrared wavelengths to the deep tissue level that work synergistically to help your body to prepare, perform, and recovery.

When used pre-workout, you may discover the following benefits:


  1. Stimulation of blood flow
  2. Dilation of capillaries
  3. Increased Oxygen flow to soft tissues
  4. Relaxation of muscles for better performance

When used post-workout, benefits also include:


  1. Better healing and repair of tissues
  2. Relaxation of tense muscles

By better managing your muscles pre and post workout, you’ll find it helpful in preventing soreness and stiffness, and helping you reach your goals, fast.

Best of all, with a product for essentially every joint in the body, you can easily target the muscles you need to most. We use breathable materials with moisture-wicking qualities to provide comfortable options for relief than can be worn all day or night. On top of that, every product is backed by our customer promise of increased mobility and less pain in three weeks, guaranteed.

For runners, the knee and ankle braces are must-haves. By stimulating blood circulation to the joint area, we can prepare the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the joints, ultimately helping to prevent injury and soreness afterwards.

For those looking for a convenient addition to their regimen that can target the entire body, a Therapeutic Bed Set is essential. Simply spread the blanket underneath your fitted sheet and sleep on in night after night. If you more of a cuddler, use it as a throw blanket and start reaping benefits today.