Polo Wraps For Horses

Horse Polo Wraps

Polo Wraps are designed to be worn on a horse’s legs to help protect them during riding and most physical activities. Horse Polo Wraps can be used for a variety of equine disciplines. They are typically used in riding, turnout, and while lunging. Polo Wraps can also be used when transporting your horse. When traveling, horse leg wraps or bandages help support and protect your horse’s legs. As a horse balances itself when being shipped, they can step on their own hoof, each other’s hooves, or rub up against the side of the trailer.

therapeutic polo wrapsPolo Wraps also help keep the legs clean if you’re traveling to a show. They will help to protect the horse from bruising, irritation, cuts, and scrapes. At times, a horse may not be able to wear boots. If this is the case, then a polo wrap can be applied to the horse. A nice advantage of using these is that the material will conform and fit perfectly to the leg of a horse of any size. Another positive advantage of going with a polo wrap is that they offer more protection in terms of the area of the specific leg area. Polo wraps help to support the ligaments and tendons on the horses’ lower legs. Horse leg wraps help to hold tendons and ligaments in place and in proper alignment on the lower leg during strenuous activity. When horses’ legs are wrapped in the proper way, polo wraps will offer much needed protection during an active workout or training session. Besides health purposes, polo wraps look appealing. They can even make a dressage horse’s movements look more balanced.

Our horse leg wraps are made up of fabric that emits far-infrared rays that help to relax and heal the muscles, ligaments, and joints on your horse. They also promote blood circulation and oxygen flow which helps to reduce pain and stiffness.

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