Scientifically Proven Technology

BeneFab® products are a quality line of far-­infrared clothing that is not only comfortable, but works to alleviate muscle discomfort and joint tension through the power of electromagnetism. Our products deliver all the benefits of a compression garment (increased blood flow and circulation to the affected areas) while avoiding the discomfort typically caused by long periods of compression. Far-­infrared clothing has been proven to reduce chronic joint pain and may provide a natural remedy (as well as serving as a preventative measure) against circulatory disorders such as Neuropathy and Reynaud’s Syndrome, among others.

The Regenerative Effects of Our Materials

  • Increased Blood Circulation (i.e. Dilation of Capillaries)
  • Supplying Oxygen to the Muscles
  • Supples, Relaxes, Warms, and Restores Muscle Tissue
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Reduces Swelling in Joints, Tendons, and Ligaments
  • Aids in Pain Relief

Finally, An Alternative to Invasive Therapies

What makes Benefab®’s products ideal and sets them apart from the competition is our unique, proven fabric technology which provides a wide range of non-invasive healing properties. Our ceramic-powder-infused fabrics emit a soothing, thermal warmth that emits far­-infrared wavelengths that stimulate increased vibration of oxygen atoms in the deep tissue level. This vibration causes water molecules in blood to shrink, thereby increasing blood circulation and reducing edema.

During the manufacturing and weaving process, up to 30 lead free minerals are impregnated into the threads of our fabrics. Our techniques are based on a natural, age old, thermal technology that originated with the Chinese and was used in ancient civilizations such as the Finns, American Indians, and Romans. This unusual manufacturing process is what gives Benefab® products their rare regenerative properties, and produces the positive, sustained and non-invasive healing of deep muscle and soft tissue injuries.

Far Infrared Benefits

Far-Infrared rays are an invisible, low range ray found on the electro-magnetic spectrum, between the ranges of visible light and microwave (0.76 – 1000 um). There are three separate infrared wave types: (1) short (2) near (3) and far-infrared. Studies have been conducted on the biological effects and medical applications of far infrared radiation with overwhelmingly positive results. These studies have shown that the appropriate application of far infrared radiation increases cellular metabolic rates by triggering mitochondrial activity. This increase in cellular functioning incites enzyme activity, flushes out toxins and decreases pain and inflammation.

Far Infrared radiation has also been shown to accelerate the production of cell tissue and quickly advance the regeneration of skin and blood tissues in any area exposed to the healing energy rays. This effect contributes to the fortification of the body’s ability to resist disease. An improved immune system can boost oxygen levels in the blood, thereby diminishing the frequency of the common cold, respiratory infections and other diseases.

Thermal therapy is intended to stimulate healing for old injuries or for preventative purposes. By applying heat to an area, you are dilating the capillaries (fine blood vessels) to stimulate oxygen flow. This helps deliver oxygen and added nutrients to relax muscles and reduce pain and swelling in joints, tendons, and ligaments. Our products deliver the soft, thermal effect that you feel when standing in sunlight. The waves are actually absorbed by the body, and unlike ultraviolet rays, far-infrared rays are beneficial to the body.

Check out our video tutorial to learn more about the science behind our beneficial fabrics.

All of our products including our therapeutic bed set are impregnated with ceramic nano-particles in addition to having many other unique qualities such as breathability, wicking features, and comfortable designs for incremental or extended use.

Case studies have shown our materials significantly increase circulation and decrease inflammation. The picture below shows a real-time progression of these results with our fabrics. *Heat and Inflammation are show in red.

Veterinary Science

In 2017, an independent study was conducted at North Dakota State University on chronically back sore horses. Using only the Rejuvenate SmartScrim for a period of six (6) weeks, the back soreness was significantly reduced in moderate to high exercise horses. The study was presented at the Equine Science Society Meetings in 2017 and was published in the Equine Journal of Veterinary Science.