The Benefits of Far-Infrared Clothing

Our products emit a soothing, thermal warmth to relax muscles and promote circulation. These products are based upon a natural, age old, thermal technology that originated with the Chinese and was used in ancient civilizations such as the Finns, American Indians, and Romans.

Thermal therapy is intended to stimulate healing for old injuries, aid in therapy for current symptoms or provide a preventative to new injuries. By applying far-infrared rays to an area (emitted by our revolutionary fabrics), you are dilating the capillaries (fine blood vessels) to stimulate oxygen flow. This helps deliver oxygen and added nutrients to relax muscles and reduce pain and swelling in joints, tendons, and ligaments.

All of our products, including equine and people products, are impregnated with minerals which emit far-infrared rays. In addition, each product has many other unique qualities such as breathability, wicking features, and comfortable designs for incremental or extended use.

Infrared rays are found on the electromagnetic spectrum between the ranges of visible light and microwave (0.76 – 1000 um). There are three separate wave types of infrared: (1) short (2) near (3) and far-infrared.

Our products deliver the soft, thermal affect that you feel when standing in sunlight. The waves are actually absorbed by the body, and unlike ultraviolet rays, far-infrared rays are beneficial to the body.

Some effects our materials have, include:

  • Increased Blood Circulation (i.e. Dilation of Capillaries)

  • Supplying Oxygen to the Muscles

  • Supples, Relaxes, Warms, and Restores Muscle Tissue

  • Reduce Recovery Time

  • Promotes Metabolism

  • Reduces Swelling in Joints, Tendons, and Ligaments

  • Aids in Pain Relief