What is a Therapeutic Smart QuickWrap?

Far-Infrared Wavelengths Decrease Inflammation for Better Mobility

Increased Circulation Improves Recovery Time and Overall Comfort

Our SMART Products Feature Magnets at Acupuncture Points for Targeted Healing

Breathable and Soft Fabrics Remain Comfortable for Year-Around Use

Moisture Wicking, Long-Lasting and Demands Less Washing

Non-Invasive Therapy for Better Performance and More Happiness


“My horse, Bully, loves these QuickWraps. They help increase circulation and decrease inflammation all while keeping his legs cool. They go on really easily and the great part about these wraps is that they cover the whole lower leg and the insert can be moved up or down to effectively target the area you need to address the most. They provide protection and support while hauling, also. All of my horses love them.”
-Alissa K.

“Love the QuickWraps! They secure nicely and fit great! They definitely keep my horse feeling good and it shows in his warmup and performance! With these and the Rejuvenate SmartScrim, he stays happy and healthy. Definitely recommend!”