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Christmas Kindness

December 05, 2016 2 min read

12 Days of Christmas KindnessThanksgiving is over and it is officially now time to decorate and celebrate the joyous Christmas season. Christmas, much like life, is not just something that we should walk blindly through. It is a season to really make a difference, to celebrate those around us and impact someone in a positive way. We are a company that not only focuses on horses, but people to, so we felt this blog post was something that would impact you in a positive way. December is the month of cheer and joy for so many, but it is also a month that so many struggle for different reasons. This makes the mission field huge with opportunity for each of us to make a real difference this season. Take a moment to check out this list: 12 Days of Christmas Kindness 1. Let someone cut in front of you in line. 2. Take cookies to your neighbors. 3. This one is crazy.....Smile at a random stranger 4. Leave a generous tip with a handwritten note 5. If you get great service, find a manager and tell them. 6. Shovel snow or rake leaves for a friend or neighbor 7. Tape coins and or candy canes to a vending machine. 8. Deliver a Christmas card and Starbucks to your favorite grocery store clerk. 9. Leave lottery tickets on random windshields. 10. Drop off cookies or sweets to your local police or fire department. 11. Take a hot cocoa to a Salvation Army bell ringer. 12. Write a thank you letter to a deployed service member These 12 things seem simple, but we have to purpose in our hearts to slow down and do them! Feel free to share this blog post with others that may want to share in the spirit of giving in a whole new way. Also, we encourage you to tag Benefab when posting about your random acts of kindness this year!

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