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A 5 Star Thank You this Thanksgiving with Benefab

November 27, 2016 2 min read

As my family gathered together for Thanksgiving, we reflected on the past year and the blessings in our lives. Passing the turkey around the table, each of us said our thanks to the opportunities we have been given. When it was my turn, I looked deep into my heart to realize what I truly am thankful for. These last few years I have spent my entire time building lasting relationships and helping both animals and people. This Thanksgiving with Benefab, I have a special thank you for my 5-star customers. We are so grateful to deliver quality products to you through this business ---- When it comes to you and your horses' health, we are leading in your at-home therapeutic needs.

We wanted to take a few moments to share the thoughts of our customers.

15168923_10154533054210831_8409738544879300525_o"I'm absolutely in love with my Benefab products! My horse took his first big rig ride into the city to participate in the Washington International Horse show last week. I outfitted him with his Benefab poll pad and he was as cool as a cucumber the whole time! That night we had a 3.5 hour ride to our next competition and he wore his Smart Scrim sheet for the trip and overnight. The very next day you he laid down an awesome run. You would never have known that he had such a long day of traveling the day before. He seems so relaxed and comfortable when wearing his Benefab products daily. I can't wait to add the smart wraps to our collection!" ~Megan Warnick 13315238_10208351087267606_5905371315488284058_n"I love their products! The poll pad really helps nervous horses or those that can benefit from a softer, more relaxed poll. The scrims are light enough to be worn on the hottest Florida day, and they're not only ceramic but have magnets as well - I use them after hard workouts or before a horse show. And to insure my horse has a soft and supple back, the saddle pads are a must have." ~Robin Mitchell "Are you or your horse sore? Look right here for the best products for you whole body and your whole horse! Even dogs love the blankets ! They are always coming out with new products so check back often! Don't miss out of these AMAZING products! Thanks Kat for your dedication to helping us feel better!" ~Jaime Gibson Take a moment to preview our HORSE and PEOPLE products that will make a great addition under any Christmas tree!

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