Beauty’s Haven Rescue Shines a Light in Florida

September 03, 2021 2 min read

Somewhere in their heart, everyone has a soft spot for animals experiencing hardship. Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue Inc. staff have taken the soft spot in their own hearts and run with it, opening a sanctuary in the heart of Florida’s horse country.  The 501(c)(3) non-profit focuses on rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming horses within Florida.


The Beginning

Beauty’s Haven President and Co-Founder Theresa Batchelor grew up with horses and has always had a giving heart for horses with less fortunate circumstances. According to Beauty’s Havens’ website, Batchelor became an incomplete quadriplegic in 1997 and was told by doctors she would never walk again.

Beauty’s Havens’ website reads “through sheer determination, hard work, faith, and support from her family, she did regain use of her limbs, although she has no sensation or feeling below her neck. Theresa went through a very dark period as she [adjusted]. Then, she discovered Beauty, a discarded and abused Arabian filly, who not only helped Theresa and her family to heal but was the inspiration for fulfilling Theresa’s dream of helping horses and helping people.”

As many equestrians have experienced, horses can have a life-changing impact on your mood and physical abilities. Batchelor undoubtedly experienced the healing magic of horses through the sorrel Arabian mare and Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue was created in 2006.  


Beauty’s Havens’ Mission

Like many equine rescues, Beauty’s Haven saves the day when it comes to rescuing horses from abuse, neglect, and changing home conditions. Beauty’s Haven, or BHFER, take it a step further with their public education programs. They teach the general population about proper horse care and when needed, provide financial support to horse owners experiencing hardship.

According to their website, they believe horses are not unwanted but rather misplaced. BHFER aims to take in horses that appear too serious for other rescues and commit to rehabilitating them to a stable level. Horses with broken bones, Cushings, COPD, and malnutrition are welcome at BHFER.

BHFER has at least 18 full-time residents who require continual health care or are not suitable to be adopted.

If adoption is feasible, rehabilitated horses will be offered on their website and applicants undergo a rigorous application process including a visit to their property. Adoption guidelines include capped t-posts, shelter in good repair, acreage requirements and lack of accessible ponds. If you’re interested in adopting a BHFER horse, visit

Their efforts have been recognized by several animal sanctuary and non-profit organizations, and BHFER has received awards such as “Silver Seal of Transparency” by Guidestar, “2020 Top-Rated Non-Profit” by Greatnonprofits and “2020 Approved Shelter” by


How You Can Help

BHFER is kept afloat by volunteers, grants and generous donations. They host an annual trail ride to raise funds and have programs such as “Sponsor a Horse” in place. Their “Strive for $5” campaign is currently running with the goal of 2,500 donors committing to a $5 donation. 

You can contribute to BHFER’s mission or plan a sanctuary visit by going to their website,

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