Kelly’s Journey: How Our Small Business is Impacting Her Outcome

October 24, 2016 5 min read

This Holiday Season, we at BeneFab® by Sore No-More®, are on a mission to make a difference. As many of you may know, a while back we had started a marketing program for the benefit of those suffered from spinal cord injuries. For every product you’d purchase from BeneFab® by Sore No-More®, we’d donate $1 towards the recovery of individuals with spinal cord injuries. I chose to donate specifically to victims of spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation in an effort to make life easier for those enduring through pain that I myself have personally experienced. I founded BeneFab® by Sore No-More® with determination to help people through unfortunate circumstances and provide relief to those suffering from chronic aches and pains.

My passion was derived through my personal experience with a spinal injury. In 2011, I suffered a riding injury that left me temporarily paralyzed with a triple fracture of the C-2 vertebrae. After three long months in a halo traction device, I found myself left with four excruciatingly painful and slow healing holes in my skull. Through that experience, I now understand the psychological difficulty of staying strong and keeping faith for a full recovery even in times of agony. This realization inspired me to find a better way to help others going through similar journeys.

At first, I thouspinal cord rehabilitationght that donating to spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation through organizations to be distributed to a variety of causes would be the best way to show support for the community. However, recently I had a revelation that we could make a greater difference by helping one individual and sharing their stories with my customers and their friends and families. Therefore, I’ve chosen to start a fresh fundraising program to raise money for specific individuals by donating 10% of our web sales to benefit thejourney to recovery. Everyone has a personal tale of struggle, and I want to hear all of them. We are a small business built on the philosophy of enhancing lives one journey at a time.

Starting this Holiday Season, from November 1 until the New Year in 2017, the first of many new fundraisers will begin. My plan is to donate 10% of all web sales placed through the BeneFab® by Sore No-More® websites ( and to a featured person’s cause while bringing awareness to their story and challenges in hopes of bringing them one step closer to their full recovery. I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Kelly Morse. Kelly and I met years ago as Freshman in College – Her friendly personality and positive energy was captivating and we hit it off right away. Recently a newspaper published a story about Kelly and said she is known for having “a beaming smile that welcomes everyone she meets,” which is completely accurate. Kelly and I lost touch, but remained distant friends through the years beyond school. Her recent illness touched my heart and I feel sure it will do the same for you.

In September of 2015, Kelly’s life changed forever. She had just started her last semester of Optometry School at Salus University’s Pennsylvania College of Optometry. One day she had returned home from a trip to the beach with her friends and spent the rest of the night preparing for a clinic at her school. The next morning, she woke up with an excruciatingly painful headache that wouldn’t go away, as well as a fever she couldn’t break. Kelly was taken to a doctor’s visit, during which she was sent to the emergency room at Winchester Medical Center. Within five days of her symptoms showing, her brain and spinal cord suffered severe swelling that left her paralyzed from the nose down, unable to speak and on life support. She was then transferred to the University of Virginia Hospitalwhere she spent 5 days in the intensive care unit and was put on a ventilator for 33 days. She was hospitalized there for a total of 35 days; however, she never lost her positive attitude. Her illness was never diagnosed or named due to the rarity, but it was certain that there was severe swelling and in her spinal cord.

After leaving the UVA, she moved to the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia. Here, she was able to gain her voice back after two months of silence. On March 1st, she moved to The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury. To keep herself motivated through her therapy, she created small goals for herself such as feeding herself again, putting her contacts in and brushing her hair. With each success, her confidence grew, and over time her arm function returned. Regardless, she still does not know what condition caused the injury. Doctors have diagnosed her with Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis, an inflammation in the brain and spinal cord that damages the protective covering of nerve fibers, through process of elimination; however, they aren’t entirely sure that is true.

Currently, Kelly is with her family in Frederick County and has full sensation and movement above her waist. Her legs are recovering, but they will take longer to recover as those are larger muscles. Her Doctor Frederick Kozlowskihas been extremely supportive of Kelly. She states, “He said there are three things I need for a full recovery. Aggressive rehabilitation, patience, and Vitamin P – a positive attitude.” Kelly Is visiting the Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center on a regular basis to build her strength. Now she can swim laps and lift weights, but still has goals to achieve, such as driving again.

Kelly keeps detailed track of her progress on her bog to keep her friends, family, and supporters updated. This also serves as a coping mechanism for her. Her blog has brought a great amount of support from people she has never even met with similar stories. Her blog is not only inspiring, but interesting and fun. You can read her road to recovery on her blog.

The next step for Kelly is preparing to walk again. In order to continue her rehabilitation at home, she needs specialized equipment that is not covered by her insurance. In her therapy, she needs to be on an electrical stimulation bike that uses electrodes to stimulate different muscles. The bike can fire muscles in the correct order to simulate a walking motion. This bike is what will get her the strength she needs in her legs to walk again. The cost for this special bike is upwards of $26,000. Along with this, she needs a standing frame in order to prevent bone loss and re-train her muscles to be upright and bear weight. Those additional parts cost about $6,000. This is where we come in! Kelly has a goal of $30,000 to raise, and she needs help. Through many fundraising efforts, Kelly is slowly approaching that goal – my wish for her is that we can fill in the gap to get her this equipment this Holiday Season.

By purchasing any of our products from now until the end of the year, you’ll be directly helping Kelly. We have a variety of therapeutic products that help ease pain and discomfort associated with stiff joints, sore muscles and aid in healing injuries. Our products also help prevent injury by suppling muscles and increasing Oxygen flow at the deep tissue levels. From blankets to hock boots, we have what you need for you or your horse. Get any of our products today and show your support for Kelly, all while bringing yourself and your horse relaxation and relief. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up with Kelly’s progress towards her goal. #TeamBenefab

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