Natural Remedies for Arthritic Hand Pain

June 02, 2023 3 min read

There is never a convenient time for arthritis to develop in your hands. You’re probably wondering what your options are for natural interventions for arthritic hand pain. Read on for at-home practices, therapies, and treatments that you can easily implement to ease the pain from arthritis in your hands. 

At-Home Practices for Arthritic Pain in Hands

Meditation for Pain Management

Meditation, when performed regularly, can yield tremendous benefits. With practice, you can actively medicate anywhere. To perform active meditation, you must intentionally focus on a singular thing. Control your breathing and look inward.

Active meditation allows you to release tense muscles and send comforting thoughts to painful areas of your body.

Hand Exercises

Exercises that strengthen your hand muscles will relieve a great deal of pain. Not only should you work to strengthen your muscles in flexion and tension. Additionally, you must improve the flexibility of your hand.

Hand Stretches

It is essential to stretch the entire hand and each finger. Stretches will allow your hand to feel mobile longer. Perform stretches for each find into various shapes. Moreover, a full extension of your hand will bring significant relief.

Types of Therapy for Arthritic Pain in Hands


Using electrodes, you can re-train your brain to handle pain differently. Currently, there is limited research to support that biofeedback will reduce the pain of your arthritis. However, it can help you manage the pain better.


Massage is an excellent pain management tool. If you perform (or have performed) regular hand massages, it can reduce your pain and increase your flexibility. With increased flexibility, you can improve your muscle strength.


Acupuncture is an ancient treatment known to aid many ailments. Overall, the research is limited on its effects on arthritis. However, it will help you reduce your pain and tension.

Hot + Cold Therapy

All orthopedic doctors know that heat and cold are some of the best tools to aid in healing. Ice reduces swelling. The cold constricts the blood vessels. Adding heat to an injured body part will dilate the blood vessels. It may cause inflammation and send more blood circulating through the wounded area.


Splints come in two forms, those that restrict movement so a body part can heal and those that support the body. A splint that keeps the hand and wrist can aid your daily activities.

At-Home Treatments

Topical Applications

Natural Remedies for Arthritic Hand PainTopical ointments can relieve some pain and increase mobility. There are creams available with the same ingredients as NSAID pain relievers. The effectiveness of topical medication is unknown and highly debated.


Many people swear by the positive effects of magnets. On the other hand, doctors are not overly supportive of this method. The magnets are thought to relieve pain by working with the body’s magnetic field.

Far-Infrared Therapy

This technology uses lead-free minerals with your body heat to produce non-invasive therapy that induces circulation, decreases inflammation, and improves h with arthritis. The Benefab Therapeutic Fingerless Gloves harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally to provide an all-natural solution to arthritis in the hands. 

Herbal Supplements

If pharmaceutical medicine is not for you, you may find some benefits from herbal medicine.Many herbs can reduce inflammation and pain. Glucosamine is likely the most widely known supplement for joint issues.


What is the best home remedy for arthritis hands?

You must balance several remedies to find the best solution. Hand exercises with massage and other therapies will reduce your pain immensely. Additionally, at-home treatments such as vitamins and therapeutic gloves will allow you to have the full function of your hand for longer.

What can I put on my hands to relieve arthritis pain?

If you want relief without compression, use the Benefab Therapeutic Fingerless Gloves. The gloves are made from infrared fibers to relax the muscles and ligaments in your hand.

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