Today, we are talking with Jamie Samples of Yellow Barn Media about authenticity. When people are authentic, you can feel their genuineness. They are more likely to be happier, more productive, and share with others.

Equine Podcast

Although I don’t usually talk about my dog, in this episode, I’ll be telling a quick story of his adverse reaction to a visitor in my home. Animals are ever-present and his reaction reminded me of just that.

Jamie is one of the most authentic people I know and she has many great things to share with us. She is the owner and founder of Yellow Barn Media, a full-service marketing firm, specializing in content creation and business coaching. She is well known for her contagious smile and zest for life that flows over into her marketing content. Jamie started her entrepreneurial journey at 13 years old and her passion for all things marketing has bloomed in that space for the last 20+ years.

On a personal note, Jamie is a wife, boy mom, and hobby farm enthusiast, most recently known as the crazy chicken lady to most of her friends. She lives life to the fullest and enjoys working her craft and connecting with people through social media.