Rejuvenate SmartHood

    • Flexible Lycra fabric infused with far-infrared emitting minerals
    • Fabric emits far-infrared rays keeping neck and shoulder muscles warm and relaxed
    • Features 27 magnets (1100 gauss) over key acupuncture points for stimulation of those areas – In ancient (and current) Chinese medicine, acupuncture is performed by using one’s own blood to re-inject over targeted acupuncture points. The reasoning for this method is because the body takes quite some time to re-absorb its own blood after being placed in targeted areas – Therefore, prolonging the benefits. We have selected these magnets to serve to the affect by pulling the blood to those targeted areas which will continually stimulate those areas during and after the SmartHood is worn.
    • Each magnet is enclosed in a soft cushion for enhanced comfort
    • The hood harmonizes bodily functions safely and naturally, stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness
    • Available in Medium, Large, and X-Large
    • Quick dry/Hygroscopic technology helps regulate body temperature.
    • Machine washable. Wash COLD with a mild detergent. Line dry.
    • Available in black only.
    • Weight : 2 lbs.
    • Dimensions : 9.5 x 7.5 x 3 in.
    • Size : Medium (900lbs. – 1150lbs.), Large (1200lbs. – 1450lbs.), X-Large (1500lbs. – 1750lbs.)
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    Jacqui L.
    United States United States
    Okay fit but eye holes are too small....

    I like this but I had to take off the face part b/c the eye holes were too small and poked my QH in the eyes she she hated it. Other than that the fit is good and it is great quality!!

    Mary B.
    United States United States
    Progress on hood, boots, & sheet

    I have a Kentucky Mountain mare who carries heavy tension in her neck and recently had bilateral lameness in front legs. We ruled out significant damage and turned to benefeb in an attempt to relieve soft tissue issue. Within 3 days of wearing she was walking easier, stretching her neck down, and licking and chewing as she willingly walked beside me with no signs of lameness for the first time in over 7 months. I have nothing but excellent advice and recommendations of these products. I will continue to use and definitely reference these items and company to others.

    Rejuvenate SmartHood

    Couldnt be happier with the product or the customer service!! The owner did an AMAZING job reaching out to me to help with a product I purchased! The advice worked great and I love the new hood I got for my horse she loves it!! Couldnt ask for better customer service!!

    Caroline A.
    Rejuvenate SmartHood

    I have been a user of Benefab for a long time and I was extremely thrilled when the SMARThood came out. This product keeps my mares muscles loose and warm during stressful trailer rides and continues to benefit the horse when we get to a show. It keeps my "hot barrel mare" relaxed when she is standing at the trailer. Thanks Kat!

    Dorie M.
    Rejuvenate SmartHood

    I wanted to take the time to be able to really use the rejuvenate-smarthood prior to submitting a review. I've now had the hood a few months and can honestly say I love it and am so glad I purchased it. Due to time restraints, I mostly use it on the weekends - I put it on my guy while I clean stalls and do other barn work before our rides. My horse carries a lot of tension in his poll and TMJ area and I find it helps him warm up more quickly and start stretching much earlier in our ride. I also used it overnight recently at a clinic and my horse was so calm, cool, and relaxed the whole weekend. It was a very chilly weekend (30s) and I have no doubt it helped keep his muscles warm. As an extra bonus, you just CANNOT beat the customer service from Kat and her team! Seriously, some of the best people I have dealt with in recent years. They helped me find the perfect fit, answered communications quickly, and just overall handled everything with true care for the customer and horse's happiness. Thank you!