Bullet Journaling for Stress Reduction & Increased Productivity

August 12, 2022 3 min read

Bullet journals serve many purposes, whether you want to get your to-do list under control, need a creative outlet, or looking to reduce your stress. Bullet journals are so versatile; they are gaining popularity very quickly! Instead of boring, lined pages, bullet journals contain sections for your to-do list, your calendar, a quick notes section, daily journaling, and goal tracking.

Bullet journaling can be unique to your needs. You cannot purchase a pre-templated bullet journal. Instead, you buy a blank or dot grid journal and create something specifically for you. Because you are making the journal from scratch, it requires up-front time to plan and design. However, this process can be enjoyable! Let your creative juices flow. You can include ANYTHING you’d like in your bullet journal. There are no hard rules about bullet journaling. 

Things You Can Add to a Bullet Journal

One of the most incredible things about a bullet journal is the complete flexibility and freedom you have to make it your own. Writing out your goals and to-do lists with target dates can have a powerful effect on your productivity. Here are a few things you might want to add to yours:

  • Page numbers - page numbers make it easy to find what you are looking for quickly
  • Table of contents - make a list of what you are tracking on the first page of your journal
  • Summaries - whether you do weekly, daily, or monthly summaries, this can help you keep track of what you have going on, from appointments to to-do lists to goals.
  • Symbols or colors for certain goals - choose a specific character or color for each goal status. This is a fun and creative way of tracking your progress. 

We highly recommend including a table of contents so things are easy to find and a calendar for planning.

Using a Bullet Journal to Reduce Stress

Bullet journals allow you to get thoughts out of your head and on paper. This has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety significantly. Writing things down on paper will enable you to process your thoughts and emotions. Once you see something on paper, you are also in a better mental place to address some issues. Journaling daily also gives you time to ‘brain dump’ on paper and refer to things later.

Adding a mood tracker to your journal is another excellent way to stay attuned to yourself. These don’t have to be complicated; just a simple daily check-in with an emoji or a graph. After charting or tracking for a few days, you may notice a trend. 

Mindfulness is a practical, proven way to relieve stress and anxiety. When most people think of mindfulness, they think about meditating or sitting quietly. While this works for some people, it is not the only way to practice mindfulness. You can practice mindfulness while fully concentrating on your journaling without allowing your mind to wander off to other tasks. You can be mindful while doing anything in your journal, from writing bulleted lists to drawing to writing gratitudes about your day.

There are so many exciting ways to utilize a bullet journal. Get creative, search on Pinterest for inspiration, and see the difference in your mindset over the next few weeks.

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