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How You Can Care for Your Horse’s Poll

May 30, 2016 2 min read

Poll PadEvery good equestrian enthusiast knows the importance of a horse’s poll — the highest point of a horse’s skull nestled just between their ears.

While this may be a small area, it’s exceedingly important to a horse’s well-being. The poll must be able to flex easily if a horse is to move willingly, without pain or resistance. This vital part of a horse’s anatomy can be at risk of some painful and dangerous conditions. It common for horses to experience tightness around their poll after pulling a muscle in their neck or head. Polls on older horses have also been known to become arthritic and stiff with age. A condition sometimes called “poll evil” can also occur in which inflammation or infection develop around the poll. This creates severe pain in a horse whenever something such as a halter or bridle comes in contact with their poll. Any injury or discomfort around a horse’s poll can affect the rest of their body and their ability to move freely. BeneFab’s Therapeutic Poll Pad is specialized to help benefit this important part of a horse's anatomy. Made from 100-percent polyester, the Poll Pad fabric is infused with ceramic nano-particles. These particles allow the fabric to emanate the far-infrared rays that make BeneFab products so helpful. Far-infrared rays penetrate deep into muscle tissue, stimulating oxygen atoms in water molecules. This keep muscles relaxed as well as promoting safe and natural healing. Reduce pain and stiffness by increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation in the muscles surrounding your horse’s poll. The Therapeutic Poll Pad is equally beneficial and user friendly. Its machine-washable material is breathable while still absorbing moisture, ensuring the comfort of any horse wearing it. Velcro fastenings make attaching and removing the Poll Pad from the halter or bridle fast and easy. The Poll Pad is available in multiple colors, like red, black, light pink, and sky blue, letting this product match every horse’s unique personality. If the comfort and care of your horse is a top priority, click here to learn more and order your Therapeutic Poll Pad today!

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