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Customer Stories & Testimonials

September 05, 2016 4 min read

We wanted to take a moment and share some horse happiness that has been shared with us regarding the Benefab products. This blog post is a little different that our normal posts; however, we are excited and proud of this feedback and we wanted to share. Our hope is that you can better understand the benefits of our products through our customer stories.

First up, we have our Therapeutic Poll Pad.

Benefab Poll PadThe Poll Pad helps to harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness. These benefits are the same for each of our products, along with breathable materials with wicking qualities. The Poll Pad can be used with Western or English tack which makes it great for any horse. Here is what our customers have shared about the benefits of the Therapeutic Poll Pad.

"I bought this poll pad to ease the discomfort my gelding has around his poll from wearing a grazing muzzle. He will now let me touch his poll area again!! Love these products!" ~Lori

"I'm happy and would like another for a second horse. I didn’t notice a difference until I tried riding my mare for the first time without it. I quickly put it back on!" ~ Heather Green

"I love this poll pad! My thoroughbred had a very stiff poll and it resulted in a heavy headset. I am venturing my way through the upper levels of dressage and I needed help!! My horse now carries himself like the upper level dressage horse that he is. I wish I would have found this poll pad years ago! I recommend this product to anyone that is considering. I use it for every ride, and even at schooling shows. Thanks Benefab for helping my horse and I succeed!" ~Brooke

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Next, we have our Therapeutic Blanket.

Benefab Therapeutic BlanketThis blanket can be used by itself or underneath a fitted sheet. In addition, many of our customers have very happy dogs that get to take advantage of this blanket's many benefits! The fabric emits far-infared rays keeping muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments supple and relaxed. "I bought this blanket for my 13-year-old golden retriever because he’s a creaky old man. He normally hates being covered up or warn in any way, but when I draped the Benefab blanket over him, he laid quietly for about 15 minutes, then got up with a definite spring in his step and immediately started play fighting with our 10-month old puppy! I’m a believer! Thank you Benefab, for giving my beloved loyal pet a bit more comfort from his aches and pains." ~ Cynthia "I purchased the blanket for myself upon someone’s recommendation. I have extreme pain from Fibromyalgia and achy joints. I do believe I get some relief from pain when I wrap myself in it. It is not a cure-all, but it is comforting and seems to add a penetrating warmth. I would rather have the blanket than not. Thank you for a great product." ~P. Gondolfo Order Yours Today {this makes an exceptional Christmas gift!}

Last, but certainly not least, our Rejuvenate SmartScrim

Benefab SmartScrimThe feedback on this product has been nothing short of incredible. The stories consistently come telling of happy, healthy horses because of the SmartScrim's benefits. The fabric emits far-infared rays keeping back muscles warm and relaxed. Along with this benefit, consider the 90 magnets over key acupuncture points for stimulation on those areas. In ancient (and current) Chinese medicine, acupuncture is performed by using one’s own blood to re-inject over targeted acupuncture points. The reasoning for this method is because the body takes quite some time to re-absorb its own blood after being placed in targeted areas – Therefore, prolonging the benefits. We have selected these magnets to serve to the affect by pulling the blood to those targeted areas which will continually stimulate those areas during and after the SmartScrim is worn. "My mare loves her Smartscrim! Almost on a daily she gets it overnight and is ready to go the next day for practice or a competition. Makes overnight hauls a breeze, I love it, instant happiness is what I see when I put it on her. Thank you for making this affordable product with its great benefits." ~ Caroline Ashley "I have had this scrim for a year. My gelding loves it. It’s nice and cool so in the summer heat he doesn’t sweat and it's light enough to trailer him in it also without him getting too hot. I use before and after each run and I really believe it keeps him from getting body soar. Highly recommend it! " ~Kim Our SmartScrim also has a three pay option for your convenience. Order Yours Today! We encourage you to ask us any questions you might have about how our products can help you and your horse feel and perform better. You can call 24/7 for convenience.

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