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Benefits of Far Infrared Clothing

March 10, 2014 2 min read

If you’ve had issues with muscle stiffness and tensed joints, it’s time you found a solution to your problems. Luckily for you, BENEFab™ is here to help with the benefits of far infrared clothing.

BENEFab™ products are a line of far-­infrared clothing that is not only comfortable, but works to alleviate any muscle discomfort and joint tension through the power of electromagnetism. You get all the benefits of compression (increased blood flow and circulation to the affected areas) without the discomfort of feeling compressed for long periods. Far-­infrared clothing also reduces chronic joint pain and may provide a natural remedy (as well as serving as a preventative measure) against circulatory disorders such as Neuropathy and Reynaud’s Syndrome, among others. What makes BENEFab’s ™ products unique is that the fabric technology provides the healing qualities. The fabric is enhanced with ceramic powders which emit far­infrared wavelengths that stimulate the increased vibration of the Oxygen atoms in water molecules. This vibration causes the water molecules in blood to shrink, thus increasing blood circulation and reducing edema. This process also has positive effects on healing deep muscle and soft tissue injuries. Not only does this clothing fabric technology work on people, but even animals can enjoy the fabric’s healing properties as well. Each product is easy to clean, comes in a variety of color choices, doesn’t shrink, and some are even water resistant. With BENEFab™ products, therapy doesn’t have to be a drag. Instead, it’s a process that you’ll look forward to because of the comfort and effective healing. This fabric works best when it is worn during physical exercise or as a preventative way to keep injury at bay. The “no compression” feature is something to look forward to, and as you introduce yourself or animal to the fabric, take it slow. Generally, customers are advised to wear the fabric for one to four hours a day in the first week, and slowly increase the time as you get comfortable. Just like in exercise, take note of how your body is responding, and adjust as needed. BENEFab™ offers therapeutic technology fabric in numerous forms including: socks, blankets, body wraps, and scarves, just to mention a few. It all depends on which area of your body you feel requires the special attention and you can get an appropriate item for it. Most of all, far-­infrared fabric carries no risk. Try BENEFab’s products today, and you may experience a dramatic reduction in pain.

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