Equine Sunburn: What You Need to Know

July 10, 2017 2 min read

prevent equine sunburn horseSummer is here! We have been waiting and the sun is finally out longer and much hotter than in the winter months. That means that, just like us, our horses can experience equine sunburn. Prevention is key. If you can prevent your horse from experiencing equine sunburn, that is the best option. Here are a few tips to keeping your horse happy and healthy! Shelter It seems like a simple concept, but making sure your horse has a barn, run in shed, trees or other shelter is going to allow your horse the freedom to get in the shade as necessary. Many horse owners prefer to stall their horses during the peak hours of sun to prevent sunburn. Use protective clothing A full face fly mask is a really amazing option to ensure any and all white on a horses face is covered. Any blaze or snip is going to burn much easier than dark skin. Cremellos, Pintos, Appaloosas and Paints are the most susceptible to sunburn. There are also fly sheets and lighter horse blankets that help to cover sensitive areas. benefab smartscrim Our Therapeutic Mesh Sheet is breathable and not only covers the horse, but has a whole list of benefits to make your horse feel his best! Our Rejuvenate SmartScrim is also a perfect solution to, not only combat the effects of the sun, but allow your horse's bodily functions to harmonize safely and naturally. The list of benefits goes on and on including: stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness. READ MORE HERE Apply Sunblock There are horse sunblock products on the market; however, the sunscreen you use will also work for your horse. The key is to apply it often and before sun exposure. Using the highest level of SPF you can find is going to benefit your horse. Try a child's sunblock for best results. There are some flysprays that do have SPF but it is typically a very low amount. In the event your horse does get a sunburn, your horse will be very sensitive, just the way you would be with a bad sunburn. Depending on where the sunburn is, it may take months to heal, so, again, prevention is key. If the sunburn appears more than mild, do consult your veterinarian to ensure your horse has the proper care. Here's to a wonderful summer of fun in the sun and no sunburns!

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